GARAGES – those with a garage should be aware that cans of fuel are not to be kept in the garage.




VENTALATION VENT: FOR THOSE WITH THE ORIGINAL BOILERS, the vents in the windows are not be covered. The vents are there to allow fresh air to replace oxygen used by the gas boiler. If blocked, this will mean an increase in carbon monoxide and could lead to poisoning and/or possible death.




PENTHOUSE AND  BASEMENT interconnecting gates  are not to be obstructed under any circumstances. This includes: flowerpots, garden furniture etc. These gates provide a second route of escape in the event of a fire and should be accessible at all times.




FIRE PREVENTION. A recommendation from a recent Health & Safety report for Carillon Court suggested that ALL flats should purchase a fire blanket in the case of kitchen fires, and a dry powder fire extinguisher for electrical or paper fires.




MATS. An independent safety report of Carillon Court stated that the mats in internal communal areas, including the landings, constitute a trip hazard in an emergency situation. Therefore, any mats or floor coverings must be kept inside a resident's flat. Any found on the landings will be removed; held for 2 weeks, and if unclaimed, will be disposed of.