Verbally raise the alarm by shouting 'FIRE'.


Warn all persons within your flat and calmly leave together, using the nearest fire exit.


Do not return for valuables or to investigate the fire.


Where possible turn off your cooker or oven.


If a cooking pot or chip pan is involved, turn off the cooker and cover with a fire blanket if you have one, otherwise use a metal lid to cover the pot. DO NOT use water, try to carry/move the pot or throw any other baking product on the fire.


Ensure you close all doors on the way out, particularly the front door.


Evacuate the building by the nearest available escape route. If you have visitors, instruct them to follow you. Where possible always close doors behind you. Do not put yourself at risk or cause delay.


If you cannot use the staircase or corridor due to smoke or fire, remain in your flat as far as possible from the fire closing all doors, put something (clothes or sheets) along the bottom of the door to prevent smoke from getting in. Turn on the lights in the room, you will be able to see better and you are much easier to see from outside. Telephone the Fire and Rescue Service and tell them you are trapped. Your flat is designed to withstand a fire for 30 minutes, so provided you close all doors, you should be safe.


Leave the building by the nearest available exit and move away to a safe distance.


Call the fire service - 999



It is strongly recommended that each flat continues to have at least two smoke detectors, situated as near to the front door and bedrooms as possible, and that they continue to be maintained in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.